The Gem of Rhode Island, St. Genevieve!

Founded in the 1800s by Sir Karl Williamsury-St. Claire (later revealed to be Lady Destiny Minuette, starting a proud tradition for our fine city of doing good in disguise) as a home for the local bands to do trade with newly arrived citizens both global and galactic after the Spacial Rifts Of 1823, St. Genevieve is a city of wonders and heroism!

What else is St. Genevieve known for? Well:

  • Our league of superpowered safety volunteers!
  • Electric hover-car capital
  • Alternative energy capital (we proudly do NOT fund varienite products!)
  • Artificial Lifeforms capital
  • Temporal research capital
  • Temporal repair research capital
  • Arson capital
  • And so much more!

Please, consider making St. Genevieve your next vacation spot or even home! Explore the site and check out our forums to get to know us better.