Events occurring on the night of October 30th 20-- at the Church of Heaven's Savior Hellhouse.

At 6 pm, shortly after opening, an armed group of Digital Nation consisting of two humanoid androids and a roomba with a knife strapped on with duct tape rescue the calculator suspended over the burning pit in the Robot Hell Room. The roomba barely escapes after aggressively running over an cast member's foot twice.

From the period of 6:30 pm to 9 pm, the heavenly presence of local lawyer Elijah Halo is spotted outside the Hellhouse, wings outspread and coffee in hand. She remains here until 9 pm when the demonic presence of fellow lawyer Marla Heat arrives and an exchange occurs:

Heat: "I think this is weird enough."
Halo: *sipping her coffee* "This is my hobby."
Heat: *rubs a horn, pointed tail twitching in clear agitation* "You already got one restraining order from a church this week for your 'hobbies.' Let's go do something else."

The pair then left towards the south. Halo's left wing is curled around Heat.

During the time of Halo's hallowed appearance outside the doors, at 7 pm the Tampering With God's Domain Room was blockaded by students from the Mad Science Department of St. Genevieve University who informed protesting Hellhouse cast members that they were improving the exhibit.

7:45 pm, the students exit, pursued by cast members. The exhibit is now seen to be glowing without a visible light source and much larger in area than it was previous, despite the walls being untouched.

8:30 pm, The Seductra unit purchased for the Heroine's Hellbound Costumes Room begins malfunctioning. It consumes the pamphlets left out on immodest dress for customers and punches out a cast member. It then leaves through the ceiling. As of this writing, its whereabouts remain unknown.

Minus the holy presence of Elijah Halo outside until 9 pm, nothing untoward happens in the vicinity of the Hellhouse for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

At 10 pm there is an ominous hissing noise from the Tampering With God's Domain Room.

The Hellhouse is evacuated immediately.

At 10:05 pm, the Hellhouse implodes. No one is injured. When contacted, a student from the group that modified the Tampering With God's Domain Room goes on the record with 'Oops.'

10:10 pm, Marla Heat returns with a Cease and Desist from the representatives of the Molemen Consortium over a room condemning their slavery of the Nebraskans. A Hellhouse representative is quoted as saying 'Oh, of course.'

The Hellhouse is not rebuilt.